Friday, September 09, 2016

I am so glad to be returning back to NYFW 2016. This is my second year at NYFW. I have been planning this trip since July, when fellow blogger and fashion friend Akinyi @fitsonme started reminding me to send pitch letters to fellow designers for potential entrance into the upcoming shows. I started sending pitch letters during the beginning month of August. Finally, the day arrived for me to make my way to New York City, which is four hours from where I live. I got off early on Thursday from work. I got the remainder of my clothes together. I was ready to take the bus to New York City by three o'clock. Therefore, I made my way to greenbelt station. When I arrived, I realized that I was at the wrong station oops. I called Akinyi @fitsonme since we planned to ride to New York together. She tells me I'm suppose to be at Union station. To cut a long story short, I missed my initially three o'clock schedule and had to leave at 5:30pm from Union starion. I arrived in New York on Thursday by 9:40pm. I ended up not doing anything that evening. I prepared myself for day 1 for the style fashion week at the Manhattan center.

I attended the style fashion week at the Manhattan center and watched three wonderful designers Control Sector, Vedeta Hanley, and Anthony Rubio. These designers showcased amazing pieces that represented their individuals styles. New York Fashion Week in my opinion is about representing your own unique style.

I wore a denim jumpsuit and a pair of denim pumps. This was the perfect outfit for the weather, since the humidity was out of control. I also wore my gold choker, rings and wooden bangles. I don't accesorize as much as I use to lol. The first day of New York fashion week was a great start to a couple of memorable days ahead.

Outfit Details
Jumpsuit: Wetseal
Shoes: Gojane
Necklace: Vintage 
Glasses: Michael Kors

Photos by Mauricio Jorquera, Carlton Hart and Baron Brooks

Yours in Style,


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